I was asked to make a work of toy themed art for a show called Omocha de cha cha cha. Omocha means Toy in Japanese. The show is at Cafe Bolivar in Santa Monica and is curated by Kio Griffith from Cafe Mode.

I decided to take a See and Say toy that I found at a garage sale and remake it. A See and Say is a toy where you pull a string and an arrow spins around and stops on an animal, then it makes the song of the animal. Like this " This is a cat....Nyaaaow"
The toy I found had all the animal stickers peeled off, so I made my own drawings of the animals and stuck them on. Maybe a small child will learn about Frogs and Ducks by pulling the string on my toy. That will make me happy. It is also a good refresher course for adults who live in a city and haven't heard these animal's songs in a long time.

Also, they will be showing my "I am Robot film" as part of the exhibit too. It features two good friends of mine who are toys (Raideen and Great Mazinga).

Pay Katsuyuki will also have some new works that I just brought from Japan. They are very handsome home made keychains with individual drawings on them....and cheap :) Remi February will have some work in the show too, but I don't know if she will be at the opening. You had better ask her :)

The opening reception will be on September 12th, from 7-10pm, but I think the work will be up starting this weekend around 8-21.

If you come, please pull the string on my See and Say.

Cafe Bolivar
1741 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica CA 90405