Dog Squish, Shark punch!

Lately I have been having funny dreams about animals attacking me.

First I had a dream I was in the bathroom of my elementary school in Shimane and a very small dog came in. He was so tiny, not even as big as my foot. When I put my hand out to him he bit my finger. I stomped on this tiny dog and squished him under my shoe. He became very flat and dead.
I was afraid he had rabies.
Later there were signs up all over saying "Ken Tanaka Puppy Killer".

I wouldn't step on a puppy in real life if he bit me. I might stop petting him though.

The next day, I had a dream I was surfing with Ericsurf6 from youtube (you can see video below of us in an earlier post at the wave machine in Japan).
A great white shark swam under us as we surfed and Mr. Eric said
"When they bother me, I just swim down and punch them in the face."
I was afraid to punch the shark because I have never been in a fist fight before. I didn't think a great white shark was a good first time opponent.

I have never seen a great white shark in real life, but I have seen hammerhead sharks and reef sharks while diving. I even pet a reef shark once, his skin was rough. He liked to be scratched right behind the gills. I have also swam with a very excited male dolphin.

This morning dolphins swam by me while I surfed in Venice. Sometimes you can see them catching waves. They don't have surfboards, instead they bodysurf just like Barrack Obama.