Happy Birthday Neptune-Kun

My friend David Neptune-Kun had his birthday while I was in Japan. I met Neptune-Kun at my gallery show at Billy Shire Fine Arts. His story is kind of like mine. He was born and raised in Chiba, near Tokyo. His parents are American, but have been living in Chiba since the 70's or so. David moved to America when he was 15 or so to finish high school and go to college. We became good friends very quickly because we have many things in common.

He is also my surf pal. Last night we went night surfing at the Venice Pier at midnight. The moon was full or close so we could see the waves. In June, we went to El Salvador to surf with my brother David, as you can see in one of my earlier blogs below.

I made him this late birthday card yesterday night.

It is fun to paint when you don't have any idea what you are drawing. To just rub the brush on paper and see what it looks like. You can't make a mistake, because you aren't trying to draw anything.

I made some brush strokes that I thought looked like a funny animal's mane....so then I drew the rest of the animal, but he was too big to fit on the paper. I am hoping that David will get another piece of paper and draw the other half of the animal. Or maybe you will print the drawing out and draw your version of the other half, and give it to me for my birthday or Christmas, or White Day (Do you know White Day?).

I think this animal is called a Mobo-beast. I wonder if he has a tail. He is a good Mobo-beast and always works hard. He is a family man. He is nice to everybody he meets. Even the small plants and flowers he eats forgive him, because he is so nice to them.

Once you draw something, does it become real in some other place? I will try to go there and meet him. I'd better bring some candy or fruit or something for him. Maybe I will buy some peaches.