Water Color is fun.

I painted two paintings with by friend BPPB's water color set.

BPPB and I collaborated on the octopus one. She drew the octopus shape and I filled it in and did words and background. The octupus' name is Jamie Octopus. I guess Octopus is a common last name for Octopus. She only has six legs because she is a shark attack survivor. On march 12th 2007 she was attacked by a white tip reef shark near Cairns, Australia.

I did the other painting by myself. This is one of those paintings where I did not know what I was going to draw, but just played with the brush, and this guy came out. I will name him Jacob Blueyman.
He is a very nice man. He was arrested while looking for his mommy in front of his own home. Do you think he's guilty?

These are both for sale for $32 The size is 6.5" x 7.5"

You can buy them by paypal...just send email to me Kentanakala (then type the atmark) then type gmail then dot com. like this ______@gmail.com