Self Portrait of Ken Tanaka

Yesterday, I drew this self portrait of me as someone else. You are probably thinking that it looks just like me, if I were somebody else. Thank you, that's nice of you to say. I think next I'll draw a self portrait of me when I was a whale, or maybe a throat lozenge. Is there a self portrait you'd like to see?

You can't tell in the scan so well, but this one is made on two pieces of scraps that are glued together. I drew the bottom half of my face first and then decided I should draw a top half too, so I had to get another piece of paper. If you look, you can see a line through my eyes, that's the second paper.

I've been painting my book project on big pieces of paper. I cut the pages down a little and I end up with lots of scraps of fancy rag paper. I like to take the left over scraps and paint on them. My elephant friend in the last post also lives on a scrap. There is no pressure to make something special when you are using a scrap. I like to paint big and stupid on them sometimes.

I painted a green kitty on another scrap too, but she's not done. I can't figure out what she is saying. She is hanging above my bed, so that I can listen to her each morning when I wake up and at night when I go to sleep. She is such a quiet kitty though. I'm going to have to listen harder.