First Kitchen is Fuakin.

Last year, Remi and I made part 3 of "How to speak fluent Japanese without (hardly) saying a word." The topic was abbreviations
and we showed many abbreviations of popular restaurants. Starbucks =Sutaba Family Mart =Famima Mister Donuts =Misudo
And First Kitchen = Fuakin. Here is the video.

Many viewers thought that this was a joke. I guess the abbreviation for First Kitchen sounds similar to an English word with a different meaning. Many people believed that we had just made up the abbreviation Fuakin. But Remi-chan and I are very serious about teaching the world how to speak fluent Japanese and we would never try to teach something that was not true.

Recently, another youtuber named Thatjapanesegirl made this video. She talked to people in Osaka on the street and asked them to abbreviate First Kitchen. Hopefully, this video will help people understand that this is not a joke. If you haven't yet, I hope you can all enjoy Fuakin sometime soon.