Giant Pupils

Today I had an eye exam at the optometrist for my first time. A very nice woman put special eye drops in my eyes to make them dilate so that she could make sure I didn't have any diseases. Now my pupils have become dinosaur sized and they are very sensitive to light. I think I understand why the dinosaurs died out, because it hurts to have pupils this big. The sun has always been my good friend, but now he is hurting me.

Luckily, they gave me special glasses to wear outside in order to protect my dinosaur pupils. I have seen old people wearing these before but I never knew what they were. I feel very fashionable.

I haven't made a video for my helpmefindparents channel lately, so after my trip to the eye doctor I tried to make a video outside. It was so bright that it was very hard for me. When I got home to edit the video it I looked very funny. I was squinting my eyes so tight and when you could see them, my pupils were so big that it made me look like I was on some kind of drug. I guess I will have to reshoot the video tomorrow.

It has been 7 hours and I still have Brontosaurus pupils....I wish the rest of me was a Brontosaurus too.