Eating the whole family- Oyako donburi

Today I made Oyako Donburi for dinner.
This literally means "Parent and Child over rice". The parent is a chicken and the egg is the child. I think family is very important so it's nice to be able to eat a family in a single dish. I wish there was a little rooster mixed in though.

If I am ever eaten, I hope I am eaten in a parent and child rice bowl, with Jonathan and Linda Smith mixed together with me. I am very lean, so I will not be so tasty, but I will be very healthy for whatever monster is eating me. I would be a good dinner for a monster who has a heart condition or acid reflux disease.

Oyako Don is a very easy dish to make. You make some Dashi (broth) by boiling water with Katsuobushi. I looked up how to say this in English and it said "Shaved bonito fish flakes". I did not know that they shaved fish. I didn't even know that fish had beards. Now I feel bad because I shaved off my beard (Jacob) and I didn't even save it to make dashi.

After you make the dashi, you just add some soy sauce, mirin (sweet sake) and sugar. You boil it and then add some chicken bits and onion....cook it for a few minutes, and then you stir in 3 eggs. Turn off the heat, cover the pot and wait one minute and It's done!! Then you just put it over rice and add some nori seaweed on top. It's also very nice to add the herb Mitsuba if you can find it.