Momets love you.

These are Momets. Momets are blue and they live in the sky, so sometimes you can see them from an airplane, but not often. They are almost the same color as the sky. Sometimes people confuse Momets for Tweezles, but they are actually very different.

The Momet on the left is Loney Momet and the one on the right is Pone Momet.

Momets are sad collectors.
They fly around the sky and collect small bits of sadness and they make hearts out of it.

It takes a lot of sadness to make a heart. Some Momets can go through their whole life and never make a complete heart. If a Momet dies before his heart is completed, all of the sadness floats back into the sky. It slowly falls to Earth and lands on plants, people and animals. If you've ever felt really sad, it probably means a Momet died somewhere high above you.


Happy Valentine's Momet