Rotund Piglet has a Question (another test sketch from my book)

This rotund piglet, (Full Name: Jacob Aaron Eric Piglet ) has a question for you. He has questions for everybody.
A friend of mine who is a pot bellied pig told me that
there is always a piglet like Jacob in every litter.
A piglet who won't stop asking questions.
I'm not sure what question Jacob Aaron Eric Piglet is about to ask in this drawing,
But you can see he hope that you know the answer.

This is another test drawing I did for a page in my book.
I ended up not using Jacob, instead I used his cousin Ruthica Jessie Tabitha Piglet.
I only used her little piglet face.

I just got back from my friend James' house where Gary "The Gooch" Musgrave helped me to scan my images.
I'm drawing them on giant 22x30 inch pieces of paper, so scanning them takes a long time.

I'm very happy to have the scans done, because now I am not so worried that all my paintings will burn up in a fire,
or get washed away in a flood,
or be eaten by primates.
I spent a long time drawing all those pages, and I had a lot of anxiety that
something would happen to them before I got them scanned.

Now that I have the scans in a folder, I'm going to copy the folder and put it on thumbdrives and disks,
I'm going to put the discs all over so I will always have one even if the hungry primates attack.

I will bury one outside in the garden, where I bury all my kimchi.

Thanks, Gary Musgrave, for your help. Check out his website to see his beautiful silk screens. He learned to silk screen from the famous artist Jordan Crane (he is a very nice man). They recently sold their work together at Comic Con. I bought Gary's piece of paper silkscreen that you can see on the website.