Everything Baby is Delicious

I got these baby tangerine (Mikan) at a farmer's market. I always eat a baby tangerine every chance I get. They are so tiny and sour and cute and delicious.

Babies are always more delicious and sweet and tender than grown up things. Why do babies taste so good?

Here are some of my favorite babies to eat. Did I miss any of your favorites?

Baby carrot,
Baby Corn,
Baby pig (piglet),
Baby cupcake,
Baby tomato,
Baby cow,
Baby sheeps,
Unborn baby fishes (salmon eggs and smelt, and others)
Baby chickens,
Baby pancakes ( I call a small bit of pancake batter that drips onto a fry pan "baby pancake" and they are flat and tasty.)
Baby Gooses (Gosling)
Baby Shitake,
Sugar Babies,
Baby Ruth bar,