In this video I visit Kyoto. Kyoto is one of my favorite cities to visit. Kyoto is one of the few cities that was not bombed heavily during the war and so many more old buildings are preserved than in other Japanese cities. It is also the home to the most temples and shrines in Japan. You can wander around the streets of Kyoto for days and days and still make new discoveries.

This video was just posted but it is actually from the Summer. Kyoto is famous for its miserable Summers, and this year's was one of the worst. It was so hot that there were very few people on the street from 11am-4pm . Just walking a few blocks during mid-day made me feel like I would lose consciousness and go into a steamy Kyoto dream land.

Here are some other past videos I made about Kyoto in past years.

This one shows coffee shops of KYoto

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