Surfing in Japan and Garage Saling in America

In this video, my musician/surfer friend Polo and I go to Ikumi beach in Koofu prefecture and surf. We also met a Japanese pro surfer named Hiro. He is a very nice man.

NOw I am in Los Angeles and I went to garage sales where I found some interesting surf and skateboard memorabilias.

This is a vintage Hawiian aloha shirt from the 40's. It has scenes of surfers and King Kamehameha. This is a rare picture shirt type that was made in the late 30's and early 40's in Hawaii. I found this at a garage sale in Los Angeles a while ago.
It's very handsome.

Today I went to garage sales in Venice and I found this 1978 original dog town skateboard. There is a documentary called Dog Town and Z-boys about the skating and surf scene in Venice, California in the 70s.
This skateboard is from that era. It has old "tracker" brand trucks and kryptonic wheels. I plan toride it around Venice beach and spray paint VBWL (Venice Break WAter Local) everywhere I go.