Everybody Dies Show update June 10th

My Book release and art gallery show in LA's Lebasse projects Chinatown
I have been framing all of the original art and getting ready for the show.

I just got a shipment of 30 boxes of a fancy new four color press print of the book too. My first printing was a very limited run that was made digitally (There are still a few copies left if you'd like a 1st print). The new book is longer (32 pages), with a proper title page and some end pages, it is also much sturdier with very vibrant colors.

I found out today that "Mama J" from the very handsome website MOmtalkonline made a nice review and shout out to my book. Thanks Mama J. Momtallkonlin is a site of forums and posts about mom related topics. I am not a mom, but I am still able to look at the site.

I'm hoping to get some more reviews in blogs and papers and such to correspond with my June 10th release, so if you know anybody who might be interested please let me know :-)
If you live in the California area, I hope to see you at the June 10th opening reception from 7-10pm (friday). I think we will also have a book signing on June 11th (7-10PM?)