Japanese band Layla Lane

My friend Hide is in the duo band called Layla Lane. The video above is of one of my favorite Layla Lane songs.

Hide is a Japanese guitarist and vocalist who came to America a few years ago to try to make a living as a musician.

Everybody told him that it was not possible, but a few years later his band signed with the major Japanese label Avex and his music is now in a Japanese Coca Cola commercial. His band has been playing in the US and Japan and has done many fundraisers for the tsunami like the one shown below where Takeo and I interview him.

Hide's goal is to inspire other Japanese youth to follow their dreams even if they might seem difficult to achieve. Hide is always setting goals. Sometimes he reaches them and sometimes he doesn't but he always keeps moving forward.

On his blog he recently told his readers that he wanted to go from 30,000 to 40,000 hits on the above music video by May 21st.
If you like the song, I hope you will pass the video on and help Hide achieve his goal.

You can read the blog entry here (Japanese only) http://www.laylalanemusic.com/ja/news/246.html