Lost Snake has made an idiot out me for the last time

Big Snake got-out
Harmless no Bite/5 foot
Easy to Pick-UP
He's Made a idiot out me 4 last time.

I saw this mysterious sign today in Los Angeles.

Big Snake no bite.

Is it real? or is it some kind of street art?

I am not sure. Maybe I will call the number.

I'm kind of worried about this big snake. Will he be ok? What does he eat? If I see a snake, how do I know this is the snake from the sign. What color is he? What kind of snake? What name does he answer to?

Does he run away a lot? Or has he made an idiot out of his owner in other ways? What do you mean he has made an idiot Out of you for "the last time"? Are you threatening the snake? If I find him, maybe I should take him to some kind of sanctuary like a church or kindergarten.

Have you seen this Big Snake?