Bert: Friend, Companion, Neighborhood Poodle

This is a self portrait done by Bert the poodle. Bert used watercolor on print making paper for this piece. Who is Bert Poodle? WEll...

Bert is a well known citizen in the area of Los Angeles where I have been living. He knows every baby, toddler and canine pup in the area and has sniffed and licked them all on numerous occasions.

In his free time, Bert is a neighborhood poodle and sits about allowing passers by to stroke and pet his furs.

For work, Bert models menswear and accessories for various catalogs and publications. I caught up with Bert while on a modeling shoot a took a few pics of him.

As Bert drew his self portrait I sat next to him and did my own version of Bert and presented it to him. He licked my wrist in return, perhaps as a way of saying "thanks" or maybe just because my wrist was tasting pretty salty.