How to say Panda and "it's Bread" in Japanese.

This is lesson 5 of How to Speak Japanese. Or maybe it's lesson 6. I lost track.

The very handsome Remi and I teach you how to say Panda and "it's bread" in Japanese.

It's important to learn these two words. You don't want to make the common mistake of putting butter and jam on a panda bear.

It can make them angry and their furs get very sticky.

I painted the panda toast with white and black acrylic gesso. It's the best medium for painting panda toasts. I checked in all the art books.

I scanned the piece of toast in my scanner. It was the first time I'ver ever put bread in my scanner. I did scan some pudding once though. Pistachio.

This video was done with Remi February. She is very handsome. This is art of our how to speak fluent Japanese series. Other episodes include.