Ken Tanaka Loves Me.

My friend Jacob the polar bear sent me this valentine card today. On the back it says "Ken Tanaka loves me". Jacob said this is a picture of him thinking about how much I love him. And it's true I do love him with all of my heart and even some of your heart as well. Actually I Love every polar bear in the world but Jacob was the only one to send me a nice Valentine like this. I do not begrudge the other polar bears. I know that most of them are busy right now trying to eat as many seals as they can before it gets too hot. Bless them all, Every single one.

A while ago, another friend of mine named floppy dog maybe this video about how he met his lover, Also named floppy dog. I played the song for his video.

I love you all on Valentine's Day. But I love you just as much every other day of the year.

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