Godzilla Meets White Samurai

Next week the new Godzilla movie comes out. Godzilla will be in American in this new version and , according to the internet, some Japanese Godzilla fans are complaining that Godzilla has gotten too fat. That's probably just because of the larger sized portions he is served in American restaurants. I got fat too when I first came to Los Angeles from Shimane.

In any case, I don't think a giant reptile monster should be judged by his weight, but rather by the strength of his character. I got a chance to work with Godzilla in this video , sponsored by Daizen Mineral Water, the wettest water in the world. I found him to be very kind and gracious with a keen sense of humor. I did get a little uncomfortable when he started to talk about how much he hates Mothra (Mothra is an old family friend).

This video was made at the YouTube Space LA where Legendary Films (I guess they are the ones who made the new movie) built Godzilla sets and allowed us to film on them and also use footage from their movie trailer. I hope you enjoy this video, and please make sure to wash it down with a gulp of cool, refreshing, Daizen brand mineral water.

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