Cooking Without Dog, How to make AvoKama (Avocado Dynamite) and fun with EmmyMadeInJapan and RunnyRunny999

My friend RunnyRunny999 from YouTube is famous for his cooking videos. He teaches you how to make simple Japanese foods. KatMcdowell is a very nice singer and guitarist from New Zealand. She is half Japanese and speaks very handsomely. Runny is visiting from Japan and we got together at TasteMade studios in Los Angeles to make Cooking With Runny.

People often ask me if I am the host of the popular Japanese YouTube cooking show "Cooking With Dog". That is a silly question. The voice of Cooking With Dog is a small grey poodle named Francis. He looks nothing like me. Plus, he is a dog. I don't understand why someone would mistake him for me.

In this video we make AvoKama....which American Japanese restaurants sometimes call Dynamite.

A few days later Runny and I met up with EmmyMadeInJapan another famous YouTuber who makes nice videos about eating foods from different countries. People send her packages of foods from their homeland and she gets to eat them. I once sent her some milk from my family's dairy in Shimane, but she said that she didn't drink it because it was a bit sour when she got the maggots.
We had a fun time at the Los Angeles farmers market.

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