Drawing Drawings and Painting Paintings

I have been working on illustrating a new book. It's kind a children's book for grown ups but I can't tell you what it's about yet. My goal is to finish the book and have my next art show feature the drawings and the book for sale.

For page one, I drew 7 cute animals. Right now I am working on page 2 and I am drawing 7 scary animals. Today I have been drawing sharks. It's not so easy to draw an animal exactly how you want him. Sometimes I have to draw the same animal, over and over again all day or all week, 100 times, till I finally get him to look right. I spent a week just to get a nice cute elephant done. I think I drew 117 of them. Now my room is covered in elephants.

I'm having a harder time with the scary animals. I'm not sure which animals to include. This is what I have so far as possible scary animals.
Sting RAy
Jelly Fish
Pit Bull Doggy
Lion or mountain lion

If you have any comments about these animals, or any ideas of other scary animals, please let me know.

The drawing above is one I drew yesterday while I was doing sketches of alligators. I couldn't get it quite right, so I decided to color one in just to see if that would make it look better. This alligator doesn't look how I want it to look in the picture book, but that doesn't make him a bad alligator. He just wants to be loved, so he has crawled out of his swamp onto land to see if someone will love him. Will you love this alligator? Serious replies only please.