Batman's Facebook Lament

This is the newest part of the Batman the Heartbreak series which follows Batman through a difficult break up.

Batman keeps calling me at all hours of the night to talk about his break up. I love Batman and I want to be a good friend to him, but this has been going on for years, and I feel like I've done everything I can for him. Listening to Batman talk about his relationship troubles can be really frustrating. It's so clear that he keeps repeating the same pattern over and over again, but he just doesn't see it....and when you try to point it out he gets really defensive. Batman, if you're reading this (and I know that you follow my blog) please limit your calls and texts to me to once or twice a day during normal business hours, and when I answer the phone, ask me if it's a good time to talk before you start yapping non-stop for 20 minutes. I love you , Batman, but we need to establish some boundaries right now before this really starts to effect our friendship.

Batman - The Fortune

This is my new painting Batman- The Fortune.
It's for a gallery group show called Fortune 100. Each artist picks a fortune cookie and must make an 8x8 painting based on their fortune. Here is mine.

It was quite difficult to come up with an idea for this. I painted another idea but I really didn't like it, so I did this one on the day before the deadline.

Here is the flyer for the show. Come check it out if you live in LA. The show is at Balconi on Olympic Blvd just west of Sawtelle.

I have two other Batman paintings that I did...and I'm working on a 3rd. Here are the other 2.

Batman- Locked Out

Batman- The Heartbreak

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Batman- The Heartbreak

They had been together for a few years, but being with a super hero is never easy.

Is he off fighting crime? or is he with someone else?

When it got to be too much, she told Batman it was over.

Standing high above the skyscrapers of Gotham, Batman looked up towards the moon, and then down at the midnight streets below. The bat signal was shining bright, they needed him again,
but without her,
it all seemed so meaningless.

From DC Comic's Press Release
"Gotham's masked hero faces the ultimate existential villain. Is this the end of the Batman, or can his newly prescribed cocktail of anti-depressants get him out of bed in the morning?"

Find out in DC comic's new limited series Batman- The Heartbreak