Ken Tanaka is Beautiful

Miwa Yokoyama is known in Hokkaido and all over Japan as being famous for Street Make. She does make up for people on the street. During her tour of the US she stopped at Royal-T maid cafe in Los Angeles, and I finally got a chance to be beautiful.

And last week, I posted this video of Remi and I at Comic Con, featuring some of the best and cutest Cosplay costumes that we saw at the con.

I had a great time at the con, and afterwards, Fangoria magazine did a review of my book Everybody Dies- A Children's Book for Grown Ups. You can check the book out at the website Http://

See me at comic con July 20-24th with Keith Knight

For the first time ever I i will be exhibiting at Comic Con. I will be sharing a small part of Cartoonist Keith Knights booth and selling my book Everybody Dies- A Children's Book for Grown Ups. Keith draws the K Chronicles, Th(ink) and the Knight Life which are cartoons syndicated in US papers. They are very funny.

Our booth is number k-15 in the small press section next to bob the angry flower.

My trip to Comic Con

I was at Comic Con from Friday to Sunday and I met many nice people. In this video I meet some voice over actors who work in games and anime (Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh! ) as well as the director and producer of the Cartoon Network's Metalocalypse.

I'll have a few more Comic Con videos coming soon with artists and cosplayers and the very handsome Remi February.

Here is my most popular Comic Con video from an earlier convention.