Tokyo Youtube Gathering and Awa Odori

I just posted a new video from our Tokyo YouTube gathering this summer. It took place at the very handsome Inokashira Park in Kichijoji and many YouTubers came.

After the gathering, many of us headed over to Koenji for the Awa Odori festival. Awa Odori is a famous dance festival that takes place in Tokushima, Japan...but there are satellite festivals all over the country.

It's a celebration of Obon, a summer holiday when you can reconnect with the spirits of your ancestors who temporarily come back to Earth in a ghosty form.

This video also talks bout our upcoming concert. Polo, Takeo and Teruko and I will play 2nd Street Jazz in La on Monday the 13th. See my earlier blog post for more info.

Onstar parody video by my friend Takeo (PG13)

You probably know Takeo from my videos. He is a white man who was born and raised in Japan (chiba) and came to America to go to film school. Now Takeo has graduated and he just made his first film.

It's a very short 40 second parody of and Onstar commercial. If you don't know Onstar you should watch this commercial first. That's an original Onstar commercial.

Takeo was able to get some real Hollywood actors to star in his short. Reid Ewing is the character "Dylan" on the popular US ABC TV series Modern Family. Shelby Young is on a soap opera called DAys of Our lives.
Tara Sands is a well known voiceover artist.

I guess Takeo must be pretty good to attract all these famous and talented people.

Takeo's video is a little my youtube channel, so we made this video to put up on my channel instead.

If you don't know TAkeo, you can meet him here.