Quake aftermath update- what people in Japan are saying

I am currently in Los Angeles, not in Japan, but am in email and skype contact with peopel from Fukushima(where reactors are) , Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Shimane. I would like to talk a little bit about what people are saying and feeling.

The feeling that I am getting from friends and loved ones is that, although the idea of radiation is scary, it is the current suffering of the thousands of thousands of people in the North Eastern quake/tsunami hit area that is the immediate concern. There are freezing temperatures, and a lack of supplies. Yesterday four people died in a shelter in Miyagi Ken (quake epicenter). These are people who are at immediate risk. Also, of course, the power plant workers and police who are risking their lives getting close to the plant to drop water on it and check on the situation.

Some friends say that they are more worried about aftershocks and another strong quake coming than radiation.

I spoke to my friend Mika in Fukushima who I mentioned in one of my videos. Her family survived the quake and luckily is 100kim from the plants. They are scared and nervous because the wind is supposed to change and start blowing towards them.

From looking at Twitter tweets by YouTube foreign vloggers, many foreign residents in Japan are upset by alarmist Western media stories, and that the stories focus mainly on radiation fear and not the current problem of people suffering right now. Yesterday I read an AP article on Yahoo that said the UN says the radiation will reach Southern California on friday....but they left out that it is supposed to be diluted and not harmful.

The mood in Tokyo has become gloomy say some of my friends. On friend left Tokyo for Osaka and immediately saw that Osaka is much less gloomy. Osaka and Southern Japan are quite for from the reactors and I think radiation is less likely to hit. The US has announced some charter planes to evacuate people in tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya...but none in the more southern regions (Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka). I just heard on the news, that the first evacuation flight left Japan for US.

Another problem with WEstern media is that I notice is that the articles and news pieces make it sound that all of Japan is at risk and make statements of Japan as a whole...that people are hoarding food...etc... But friends say that life is very normal in many areas. There have been periodic hoarding in Tokyo and it is true that gas is hard to get and there are long lines. I'm not sure if this is true in south areas though...I don't think it would be true in Nagoya or Osaka, kyuushuu, shikoku.

Vid Con, the Youtube and Vlog convention in Los Angeles

This weekend is the Vidcon in Century City, Los Angeles. It's a Youtube and Vlogger convention put on by the Vlog Brothers. It goes from today, Friday, till Sunday the 11th and if you are a youtube fan you can watch footage live at
this link.

There are panels about youtube, new media and how to use new technology for videos and vlogging. There are also many performances and talks with famous youtube celbrities like Shane Dawson, Phillip Defranco and Michael Buckley. If you are not a youtuber, you've probablyy never heard of these folks, but they are very famous in the youtube world.

If you live in LA and are a youtuber, you should stop by. Even if you don't attend the actual talks, you can have fun just meeting people in the lobby.

More Earthquakes in Los Angeles July 7th

Just a few minutes ago was a pretty big, scary Earthquake in LA. Apparently it was a 5.9.
This was a pretty long one. I got up and ran outside. There was no damage where I am , but it felt like it was big enough to cause some problems. I hope nobody got hurt.

It was followed by several aftershocks...at least seven so far. Oh no, I think there is another one right now...

Please stop shaking, Mr. Earth.

EArthquake in Los Angeles

It is Sunday and the Easter holiday in Los Angeles and I just felt a very long earthquake [Update: NOw people are saying it was a 6.9 - 7.2 magnitude quake in Baja Mexico). It was a pretty big quake, and went on longer than most Earthquakes i have felt in Japan and California. It just happened a few minutes ago, but people on twitter are saying that they felt it in Phoenix Arizona which is 600 km away or so. I am scared that it might have been very big somewhere. I hope everyone is okay. In Japan, old myths say that earthquakes are caused by a catfish in the center of the world who keeps flopping around. I wish he would go to sleep.

King Hua- Los Angeles Dim Sum with Sku's recent eats

SKU is a Los Angeles food and Whiskey blogger that I met through youtube. He does blogs about restaurants and food in LA and every Wednesday he writes about whiskey. Sku is a food explorer and he drives all over to find new places to eat. Yesterday, he took me to a place called the San Gabriel Valley. It's about 15 miles east of LA and has a very big population of Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants. There are thousands of Chinese restaurants everywhere. Sku took me to a very nice dimsum (ヤムチャ)restaurant called King Hua.

The dimsum was very yummy and I am a little sad that I am not eating it right now. They also have lots of sea animals in tanks. You get to choose which animal you want to eat and they take it out for you.

I only ate three of these shrimps, but I named them all.

From left to right, they are.
Tabitha, Jacob, Shintaroo, Junpei, Mia, Eric, Toby, Nathaniel, Naomi, Leah, Carl Jr, Steve, Ichiro, Kenta, Nokko, Bruce, Perry, Jonathan, Linda, Pedro, Mandy and Candy (twins), Penelope, Todd, Yurie, Yuki, Jean Bobo, Pierre, Fatima, Gogo, Bobo, Jojo, Momo, Mimi, Mokomoko, Yokopoko, Macchupicchu, Chappuchappu, and Jim.

I think it's nice to be able to make friends with an abalone before you eat him. Shown here is Bobby.

This duck is very tasty, but you don't get to choose him. Maybe it's hard to keep a lot of ducks in the middle of a big city. I would have like to have met this duck before I tasted him.

This friendly clam is called mirugai in Japanese. In America he is called a Geo Duck. I try to explain that he is not a duck, but nobody listens. He is very sweet, crunchy and tasty. I like to eat him raw or cooked in butter and garlics. His foot looks like an elephant's trunk but it tastes very different(and less tough).

These are called chicken knuckles. They are fried pieces of chicken's cartilage. I'm not sure where chicken's have knuckles, but I'm glad they do. I have one wish to ask all the chickens of the world, and this is it "Keep on being tasty. "

You can meet sku on youtube where he does videos about whiskey. If you want to know what the difference is between bourbon, scotch, Tennessee whiskey and rye, his videos can help you. I joined him in this one where he talks about Japanese whiskey.

Poor Little Fire Hydrant

I was on Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles today. Traffic was bad because somebody had decided to drive into a fire hydrant and knock it over to create a beautiful, giant fountain.
I think it was a kind of performance art.
Everybody was stopping to look at it. The street was flooded. I pulled over to go for a swim, but the water was very cold. I didn't have my wetsuit with me.
If it is still flooded this evening, I might go fishing. Fish bite best at dusk. I am hoping to catch a mackerel.