How to improve your Japanese accent.

In this video I help my brother learn to speak better Japanese and improve his accent. My brother speaks very fine Japanese but his accent is a bit strong. You may have met him before in my videos #13, 28 and 48. This is the first time in a few years that we have done a video together.

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How to speak fluent Japanese without barking a word

Because of my How to Speak Fluent Japanese Without Saying a Word videos, I get many Youtubers every week emailing me and asking how they can learn Japanese.

Since I lived in Japan from the time I was a very small, white baby, I never had to worry much about learning to speak Japanese. My videos with Remi-chan are my best attempt to teaching the Japanese language. For those who want more, I recommend that you learn Japanese from the internet's most handsome French Bulldog Maggie Sensei. Maggie teaches English and Japanese on her very handsome website.

There are new lessons uploaded frequently and you can learn all kinds of useful phrases and vocabulary.

If you are trying to study Japanese, I hope you will check it out.