Japanese passover

I got to go to my first ever passover dinner. A Japanese woman I know married a Jewish American man and invited me to their home for Passover. She made this dish called Ikura Matzoh Brae which combines Japanese and Jewish tastes. It was surprisingly tasty. Ikura goes very well with scrambled eggs.

Passover is a long meal where you talk about stories of Jewish history and each thing you eat has some kind of significance. At one point someone hides a piece of matzoh and the others have to find it. I think this is called the Abbie Hoffman. According to Wikipedia , Abbie Hoffman is the author of "Steal this Book" and also "Hide this Matzoh". He was born in 1936 so this must be a recent tradition.

Ken Tanaka is a Cowboy

This song is part of the Jam session that Polo and I did on June 23rd 2010.... This is the last song that I will upload from that session. We improvised and ended up with about 8 songs in 2 hours that I put on YouTube. We re-recorded this one on my nice new Canon REbel T2i 550d camera, so this isn't actually the recording from 2010. The cowboy footage is all shot on a flip cam.

These are all the songs we've uploaded from that jam session