Butterfly on head 頭に蝶々

This is the new song by Takeo and I. This song started as an improvisation and then we changed it a little bit and added some things. It's in Japanese but with English subtitles. If you are studying Japanese, please see the video description on YouTube to see the lyrics written out in romaji (roman alphabet).

Takeo and I also made this song, which YouTube was nice enough to feature on the Japan website. Last week we got a call from a Japanese TV show asking if they can use our song in their show. I don't think it ended up happening though.

We also got to perform that song live in Los Angeles.

Ken Tanaka and Takeo perform "No job" song tonight in Los Angeles

Monday, May 24th 2010 Takeo and I (Yamato Natadekoko) will perform our song from youtube at 2nd Street Jazz in Los Angeles.
We go on at 10pm with our friends, Japanese grunge band Nirf. There are two other bands too. Tickets are $10....PLease Tell them you are there to see Ken Tanaka and Takeo.
This is the song

2nd street Jazz is located in LIttle Tokyo.
366 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-0047

Song Improvisation and Evolution

I got a few emails yesterday asking about how we improvised the song "No Job" that I posted yesterday. So today, I uploaded the original raw video of the improvisation that led to this song.

The video is on my Kentanakajapan channel.
It is just a webcam video of me and Takeo-Kun making up the song as we go...
Then we did a few more recordings like this and finally I wrote some extra lyrics and Takeo made some guitar licks to go with the song.

Hopefully this video can answer your questions :)

Thanks everybody for your nice comments about the song. We had a very good time making it, and will make some more soon. Actually, Takeo-kun is on the way over right now to play music with me. そう言えばおそいなたけお君。

New Japanese Song - Yamato Natadecoco

I made a new Japanese song with my Friend Takeo, who you might know from some of my other videos. Takeo is a white man, but was born and raised in Chiba, Japan. He comes from a family of musicians.

Takeo plays guitar in the song and I sing. We made this song through improvisation.

He played, and I sang to it a few times. Afterwards, we changed the lyrics from the improvisation and arranged it a little bit.

Improvising music is one of the funnest things in the whole world.

We will be making more songs soon. I hope you can enjoy this one :)