Superbowl XLVIII Seahawks vs Broncos. Jacob vs Jacob. Comic

This Superbowl cartoon was my first ever single panel cartoon. It was my attempt to do a New Yorker style comic. I actually did this cartoon a few years ago but for this new version I re-did the color. This was a very clairvoyant cartoon. Although it was done in 2011, you can tell that the father is rooting for the Seahawks to beat the Broncos. I guess I just had a feeling about who would play in Superbowl XLVIII. Here is the old version of the cartoon. Which one do you like better? Or if you don't like either....which one do you hate more?

The boy in this comic is named Jacob. The father is also named Jacob. Since Jacob and Jacob appeared on my blog two years ago I have done several more Comics like this. I'm trying to do enough to publish a book of comics like my hero Lonnie Millsap ( My HarperCollins book Everybody Dies: A Children's Book for Grown Ups comes out in May, so maybe this will be my second book, or my third, or maybe my eleventyfirst.

Here are a couple of comics you may have forgotten.

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