Ken Tanaka Loves Me.

My friend Jacob the polar bear sent me this valentine card today. On the back it says "Ken Tanaka loves me". Jacob said this is a picture of him thinking about how much I love him. And it's true I do love him with all of my heart and even some of your heart as well. Actually I Love every polar bear in the world but Jacob was the only one to send me a nice Valentine like this. I do not begrudge the other polar bears. I know that most of them are busy right now trying to eat as many seals as they can before it gets too hot. Bless them all, Every single one.

A while ago, another friend of mine named floppy dog maybe this video about how he met his lover, Also named floppy dog. I played the song for his video.

I love you all on Valentine's Day. But I love you just as much every other day of the year.

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Also from Ken Tanaka ...

"Polar Bear, Polar Bear What the F**k?" This is another Ken Tanaka Picture book title that will be added to the page on my previous post "Ken Tanaka Picture Books- Collect Them All". This is the story of Jacob the Upset Polar Bear and his voyage across the sea.

Jacob the Polar Bear came up with the name for this book himself.
I was quite happy with it, but yesterday, at the bookstore,
I found a series of books by Bill Martin and Eric Carle with similar names.
I guess it's still a good name though.
I wonder if Jacob Polar Bear had those books read to him when he was a cub.

Jacob the Polar Bear

On Monday, I got a message from a person editing an art book who asked me to contribute a painting. The deadline was the next day, so I only had one day to do it. I did two different paintings.

This is Jacob (Lighting) Hal the Polar Bear. Lighting isn't his middle name, it's just a nickname. His friend Trudy (Fresh Produce) Whistlecap gave him the nickname when she saw him chasing a murre. He is very fast.

I'm not sure what is happening in this painting. I thought maybe Jacob is trying to become an explorer. He is sailing west on his chunk of ice, and is looking for the Northwest passage. He has a long voyage ahead of him. Maybe he is thinking about Trudy, and wondering if he will be forgotten.