Redondo Beach Pier crabs and video games

Polo and I visited Redondo Beach Pier just south of Los Angeles and played some neato vintage video games like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Polo also shot some ghosts, but I kept trying to convince him that you can't shoot something that is dead.

After the games, we ate a few kinds of crab.

Nearby is also the tasty Japanese restaurant, Izakaya Bincho.

Here are some other videos with me and Polo for you to peruse.

Ken Tanaka Band live in Los Angeles Monday 13th

This coming Monday 13th, I will be performing a live show at 2nd Street Jazz in Los Angeles.
366 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The show goes from 9-11pm and I think we will go on around 9:45. Tickets are $10. PLease make sure you tell them you are there for Ken Tanaka when you buy your ticket.

I will be playing about 20-30 minutes and probably doing 6-8 songs with Takeo, Polo and our new guest vocalist the very handsome Teruko-Chan. Three of the songs are brand new and we've never played them for an audience before.

You can hear Teruko singing a song from Urusei Yatsura here.

Here are some of the songs you can hear.

Rock Eater- NEw Song with Polo

Polo and I made about 7 improvised songs one day. This is the latest one I've posted. Polo is a professional guitarist and plays for bands and as a session guitarist. He is a very nice man.
This is kind of a strange song. I wasn't sure if I should post it or I put it on my Kentanakajapan channel....instead of my main one.

There is a free Mp3 here if anyone wants it
Free Mp3

Here are some of the other songs we made that day.

パーキング 瀬戸大橋 与島PA

Polo and I recently drove from Okayama to Kochi to surf in the Kaifu area. We passed the very handsome Seto Bridge connection Shikoku with mainland Japan. This Parking area (Yoshima PA) was on an island half way over the bridge.

In this video we teach you about Japanese Parking areas and how to see parking area in Japanese by speaking English.

We also visited the town of Naruto. From it's name, you might guess that Naruto is famous for Ramen...but it is actually known for it's delicious Udon noodles. Umai n dattebayo!

If you like the background music, you can see us playing it in this video.

Ken Tanaka and Takeo Live

Last Saturday, Po-Lo from the band Nirf, invited TAkeo and me to perform our "No Job" song at 2nd st. Jazz in Los Angeles.
Here is a video of it.
The video also shows Shoko Watanabe singing a handsome version of the SAints go Marching in.

I also posted another video of Po-Lo and I doing a harmonica/guitar blues jam after the show.

We are all having lots of fun making songs. Takeo-Kun and I have 2 or 3 more we are working on and hopefully we will make videos of them soon.