Ken Tanaka goods for X-mas

Many people have been sending messages to me asking what I have available that will make good x-mas gifts. So here are a few things. If you want something , just email me Kentanakala (att) gmail (dotttt) com

1. T-shirts.
I still have hand printed t-shirts available in most sizes from boys xl (for girls) to mens xl. You can see individual photos of the shirts by clicking here.

2. Donkey HOtey prints
These 2 color shown above hand made prints called "Donkey Hotey" are a signed and numbered series of 11.

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3. Small Silk Screens
These silk screens shown above are the same designs as the t-shirts, but are printed on high quality paper. They come in a variety of paper colors.
These are $12 and the bear one can be hand colored for $25. The image area on these is about 8 x 10.

4. Big silk screens

These silk screens shown above are large, poster sized silkscreens that I made. They are $50 each plus shipping. They are signed and numbered limited editions ranging from 5-11 prints per edition.

5. Original Art
A lot of the pieces on my blog are for sale. The above is a "See and SAy" with my versions of animal friends that replace the original. If you pull the string it makes the animal noise and tells you what animal it is. It has really helped me learn my animals.

6 Jacob the Happy Rabbit Books
Sorry, these sold out this week. I will be printing more, so if you would like to be on the waiting list, let me know. They are $5.

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2 New Color variations of t-shirts

I just printed two new colors of "Mistaken Bear" and "The Decision".
Like all my t-shirts, I hand screen print these myself. They will be available at the Royal-T in Culver City (I think they are $25) and you can also get them direct from me. Just send an email to kentanakala ( at) gmail (dot) com and request your size.

I have them in Boys XL through Mens XL. For girls I recommend a boys xl or mens small.

These other prints are also available.