The many Noels, a Ken Tanaka Christmas Carol.

Oh hello. Chirstmas is the most Christmasy time of the year. It's a time for singing Christmas carols. I can't go door to door to reach everyone in the world like Mr. Santa does, so instead I have posted my Christmas Caroling video. You can sing along, it's a very easy song.

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Ken Tanaka and Takeo Live

Last Saturday, Po-Lo from the band Nirf, invited TAkeo and me to perform our "No Job" song at 2nd st. Jazz in Los Angeles.
Here is a video of it.
The video also shows Shoko Watanabe singing a handsome version of the SAints go Marching in.

I also posted another video of Po-Lo and I doing a harmonica/guitar blues jam after the show.

We are all having lots of fun making songs. Takeo-Kun and I have 2 or 3 more we are working on and hopefully we will make videos of them soon.