My new friend Erik Lundgren

A few weeks ago I got a very nice email from a man who watches my videos. He sent me his own original song called "Mr. Tanaka". When I listened to it, I was very impressed to hear such a professional sounding recording and beautiful acoustic guitar music. Nobody has ever written a song like this for me before so I was very happy.
His name is Erik Lundgren and he is from Sweden. He is an animator and a musician who has just moved to Kyoto.

He has a few other original songs on his youtube channel which you can see linked in the above video. I was very surprised to see that his songs had been up for a year, but he had only one subscriber. I guess that youtube is so big, that even a very talented person can get lost in all the millions of videos.

I made this video mostly from footage from my recent trip back home. The shrines shown are all in Chichibu. There are a few bits from Washington DC too and the swan is from Sonoma.

You can download mp3 of Erik's album at his website....