Bovine Transformation- Taipei, Taiwan

Last year I made a trip to Taipei, and I had so much video it took me a long time to edit it all. I think this is my last Taiwan video. It shows a lot of the tasty street foods I ate.

I think I made five total videos of TAiwan. Below you can see the other four. I was hoping to go to Taiwan this summer to take some Chinese classes, but my herniated disc injury (Jacob the herniated disc) has kept me stuck.

Engrish in TAiwan

This video shows some handsome Engrish i saw during my trip to Taiwan.
I never noticed Engrish in Japan and Asia until I moved to the US, and went back home.
I found a few funny things.

I also just uploaded this video with some footage of handsome temples in TAipei, and the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

I also did a video a while ago about Engrish in Japan.

What is your favorite Engrish?

Taipei Night Markets Yum Yum Yum

On my recent trip to Taipei, I visited some very handsome night markets. I spent about 10 days around Taipei and ate in night markets almost every day. There is great variety with all kinds of Chinese food, some Japanese, and I even found a Burmese Night Market.

One of my favorite night market foods isn't shown here. It was an oyster omelet with a somewhat sweet sauce. Does anybody know the name of it? It was available at most night markets.

Here is a video of me eating Stinky Tofu which is referenced in the above video.

Stinky Tofu and me

Stinky Tofu is a Chinese delicacy popular in Taiwan, HOng Kong and parts of Mainland China. I did some research online and found that the stinky tofu atAy Chung Flour Rice Noodle is supposed to be the stinkiest and most authentic in Los Angeles' San Gabriel Valley.

Ay Chung is a Taiwanese restaurant which serves street style food and home made noodles that are highly yummy. The stinky tofu is served in little fried cubes and you would never know how severely stinky it is just by looking at it. When I first sniffed it I really did gag. It smells like it came from the insides of a farm animal and then sat in the hot sun for many hours.

I only ate 2 bites and then I got the rest to go. I had to wrap it in 3 plastic bags to hide the scent. I gave it to a Chinese friend and she got very excited when she saw it. She ate every, rotten little piece. It is hard to believe that Natto and STinky Tofu are made from the same friendly little bean.