Ken Tanaka Loves Me.

My friend Jacob the polar bear sent me this valentine card today. On the back it says "Ken Tanaka loves me". Jacob said this is a picture of him thinking about how much I love him. And it's true I do love him with all of my heart and even some of your heart as well. Actually I Love every polar bear in the world but Jacob was the only one to send me a nice Valentine like this. I do not begrudge the other polar bears. I know that most of them are busy right now trying to eat as many seals as they can before it gets too hot. Bless them all, Every single one.

A while ago, another friend of mine named floppy dog maybe this video about how he met his lover, Also named floppy dog. I played the song for his video.

I love you all on Valentine's Day. But I love you just as much every other day of the year.

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Kiwi Smile Kiwi Valentine

I found these handsome Kiwis at a farmers market in Los Angeles. This picture is supposed to be me with a kiwi smile. I sometimes wish my mouth was made out of kiwi fruit, and my teetheses were little black kiwi seeds. If you kissed me, it would be fruity and sweet.

This is a fruity and sweet kiwi heart. This kiwi is bringing the world a message of hearty love and also vitamin C. He is very handsome. I like the idea of having a kiwi mouth, but I think a real kiwi heart would be too fragile. It would probably make your blood very tasty, and birds would always be pecking at your flesh trying to get the juicy kiwi blood that flowed inside. You would have to buy a peck resistant suit (which can get expensive). If you need a new heart I recommend to try baboon or piglet first...and use kiwi only as the last resort.