My New FLIP Video Ultra HD

I bought this new Flip Video Ultra HD pocket video camera for my trip to El Salvador. I didn't want to take my usual camera, a Canon HV 20, because I was afraid it would break or get lost on the trip.
I named my camera Jacob. Jacob was about $200 at Best Buy.

He was really fun to use because you can just keep him in your pocket, and whenever you see something funny or meet someone intersting, you can take him out and film it. I plan to take Jacob everywhere.

My latest video of El Salvador was shot all on Jacob the Video camera, except for the surf/bodyboard shots. The only problems with the camera are that it has no image stabilization so it's very shaky when you walk or move, and the microphone is not that strong, so you can't hear someone if they are more than a few feet away.

Jacob holds 2 hours of footage and can take AA batteries. You connect Jacob with a USB port and the videos come up as MP4 files. Then I just put them into imovie and edit. It's very easy.

I've been doing experiments with this camera and have made a little short film video with me and my robot friends Raideen and Great Mazinga. I'll be posting it up soon:)

Ken Tanaka Loves You!