Ken Tanaka On Glee

I have been getting many e-mails about this Ken Tanaka sign on the new Fox TV show Glee. Many people wanted to know if they were talking about me, but I'm pretty sure it's not me, because I don't know how to use a shredder. Also, I feel bad for so many innocent documents that are sent into a shredder.
I looked up the show and I learned that there is a character named Coach Ken Tanaka. Many people also wrote to me to ask if they have named this character after me. I don't know, but Ken Tanaka is a pretty common name. There are other Ken Tanaka's that people confuse me with.

1. Photographer Ken (kenneth) Tanaka

This Ken Tanaka is a professional photographer who takes very handsome photos, sometimes of Cats. He also reviews cameras on a blog called

People sometimes think I am this Ken Tanaka and send me questions about my photographs. When I had my art show at Billy Shire Fine ARts, a Los Angeles Photography Festival curator called and asked if they could put my art show in the Photo Festival.

2. Ken Tanaka the Actor
There is an actor in Japan named Ken Tanaka who was in the 1984 version of Godzilla.
People also ask me about this, but I have never met Godzilla. I met Mothra before though. I met him at a Doutour coffe shop in Yamaguchi. A few years later I saw him again at a Hiroshima Carp baseball game. He was sitting in the bleachers. I said hi to him and he said hi back, but I could tell he didn't remember me.

3. Ken Tanaka the mystery character

An author named Dale Furutani writes mysteries about a character named Ken Tanaka. This isn't me either. I'm not a detective although I can sometimes solve mysteries. Once I couldn't find my cat. Then I went outside and found him sleeping in front of the door. I solved that one, but I have never tried to solve a murder. I am willing to try.

Do you know another ken Tanaka