How to be a better bear

The past month, I have been working on drawing a story. This is part of the 4th page of the story. A honey bear is being attacked by a honey bee. It's a sad story for the bear, and for the bee too, because I think honey bees die after stinging. Maybe it would be best if people were like honey bees. We would have the power to hurt people, but we would die immediately afterwards.

Here are two versions of the bear and bee.

This is the first version I drew. The envelope is covering up the words to the story because it's a secret. I drew this bear two days ago and painted him, but I thought he might not be the right kind of bear for my story. I thought he looked a little bit like a wookie.

Yesterday I drew this bear. He is a little softer. At first, I thought he was definitely a better bear, but then my friend, the great artist called Gooch came over. He said that the original bear at the top was better because it really looked like a bear who was getting stung by a bee and going crazy. He said the bear's weird and awkward pose was also good. The second one, Gooch said, looked like a representation of how we are taught to think of bears and was less interesting.

Now I am confused. Maybe you can help me, by telling me which bear you would most like to see in a storybook.