Wayward Goose Pilots overshoot destination

Today I came across an interesting article on the web.
The following is copied from the Goose Times

Eric Gosling
Special to the Times

Two Canada geese, part of a large flock heading towards Baja California for the winter, overflew their destination by nearly 150 miles last Wednesday October 21st. The flock arrived at Magadalena Plain Salt Marsh at 1:45 pm on Wednesday but two geese failed to land. Jay Edgar Goose, and Patrick L Gooseman continued flying South west after the rest of the flock landed. Other geese reportedly tried to get their attention with rapid wing flapping and loud honking, but neither Mr. Goose nor Mr. Gooseman responded. An immature albatross reportedly spotted the geese 152 miles west of Magadalena Marsh, over open water.
When questioned by flock leader Captain Lucinda Goose, the wayward geese claimed to have been in a heated argument over migratory patterns. This was met with much skepticism, and today the two geese changed their story, claiming that they became distracted while playing an intense round of charades.

Goose specialists suggest that it is unlikely the geese were arguing or playing charades, and MIgratory fatigue may have been a factor. Migratory flocks have recently come under fire from the International Avian MIgratory Commission over flights that can sometimes keep geese airborne for over 24 hours.