What kind of super hero are you?

I went to the American store Target today to meet Santa Claus. He was very friendly and handsome, with a large belly. I got to sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. He had a plastic sheet over his lap that he said was to protect him from germs. I was a little nervous. I asked for two things,
1. To find Jonathan and Linda Smith
2. That I can become a superhero.

I know that it is kind of a big wish to be a superhero, but I don't need to be an extravagant superhero. I will be happy to just be a normal, ordinary superhero, who goes about his business but in a very super way. If I can choose, I would be Waiting Man. He has the super power of great patience. He doesn't get angry, even when he is stuck in the wrong line at the supermarket. He just waits, happily, knowing that it is his duty.

If I can't become a super hero, I would like to wish for a comic artist who can draw a comic of The exciting adventures of waiting man. It will inspire the young people of the world to enjoy waiting. They are going to have to do it a lot anway