Everyday, Natto day, Natto day everyday.

Have you met Natto? He is a very friendly soy bean. He is left out to rot until he becomes sticky and fermented.

Lately I have been eating this Natto Gohan bowl for breakfast everyday, and sometimes for dinner. I stir up the natto with raw green onion, and then put a fried egg on top and mix it up, and then put some shredded nori on top.

It's so yummy. It's a great way to enjoy rotten food.

Some of my favorite foods are moldy and rotten, like cheese.
In Japanese a Brie or Camembert cheese is called "Shiro Kabi" which means white mold....but in English they don't talk about the mold much when people discuss cheese.
I think Americans don't like to eat rotten things.

You can see a video of me eating Natto here.

Another favorite thing of mine is Ika no shiokara.
It's fermented squid and squid's guts. It is very salty and good to eat with beer and sake.

I can't understand why it's not popular in America. When I first went to an American bar, I ordered a beer and asked for rotten squid guts.

The bartender told me I had to bring my own.