My First Play- Getting Frankie Married by Horton Foote

Last Sunday, I went to my first American Play called Getting Frankie Married and AFterwards by Horton Foote at the Open Fist Theater in Los Angeles.
I had never seen an American theater show before so it was very exciting.

It is the story of a man in his early forties. He lives with his mother, who is old and sick. He also has been living with the same girlfriend since high school but hasn't married her. He has an affair with a very young woman and lots of sad things happen and babies are made. Babies are happy, but the story is still sad. I cried sometimes, and then I got embarrassed, but the theater was very dark so nobody could notice.

The mother is played by Judith Scarpone and her performance is very handsome and funny and is like a Thai Banana flower salad with many different flavors at once. Bjorn Johnson plays Carlton Gleason, who is a very kind man. He walks with a limp because his mother used to get drunk and beat him when he was a baby. I'm glad Mr. Gleason's mother wasn't in the play because I don't like her. Mr. Johnson brings Carlton Gleason to life with a good mixture of dignity and innocence that made me feel like I would like to be friends with Carlton Gleason. I would invite him to breakfast if he were not fiction.

If you are in Los Angeles, I hope you will go to see this play through May 15.
The theater's website is.