My stinky lunch. How to make Kimchi and Natto spaghetti

Today, I made the world's second stinkiest lunch. In the above video I show you how to make the famous Natto Kimchi spaghetti, a dish which combines one of the most stinky Japanese foods with one of the most stinky Korean foods to create a stink-tastic delicacy. In the real world Korea and Japan don't always get along, but in my skillet they do.

Natto and Kimchi are a famous complimentary combination. You can also make delicious fried rice with Natto, Kimchi and rice.

Natto kimchi fried rice..

Heat sesame oil in skillet (or butter)

add some onions, and /or green onions and cook for 1 minute.

add kimchi and natto and stir for one minute.

turn on very high heat and add cooked rice....

cook till rice gets a little dry.... and is coated in kimchi spice.

crack egg and mix in with the rice...

eat it up yum.