Getting ready to publish my new book

My book is finished and I'm now getting it ready to publish. The above drawing is not really part of the book, but it will appear on the inside cover.

Last weekend I sold my t-shirts and some advance, home made copies of my book at Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. It was very fun, and I met many nice people. I also saw a lot of friends from the art world and people I had met at Comic Con in San Diego.

I haven't found a publisher for my book yet, but I did give a copy to the Mcsweeney's publishing booth at the Expo. So far I have only shown it to 3 publishers. I am also looking into making a few hundred copies myself to sell online.

After the Expo, I was contacted by a Professor at a California State University who said he would like to use my book for a class that he teaches. I didn't really understand what kind of class it was but he said some words like "Post modern comic literature and the new economy".... He said he will need 150-300 books depending on his class enrollment. That was very exciting, but I am not sure how I will get so many books so quickly.

I got many emails from people wanting books and shirts and prints after my last video. If you would like one, you can send me an email at kentanakala (at mark) gmail (dot) com.

That is the email address that I live in.

Thanks to all of you for your support.

Ken Tanaka Loves You.