Happy Thanksgiving with Silly Animal Nonsense

This is a video where I give thanks to animals and the funny things they do.
This video stars siren dog, duck butt, and wild turkey friends. I hope to eat all of the turkeys one at a time.

Happy thanksgiving to everybody in the US, and anywhere else where people celebrate. I wonder if they celebrate thanksgiving in Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico and other US territories. Does anybody know?

I am giving thanks to all my animal friends in the world, and all of you who are reading these words and have become my great friends over the internet. I love you all. Thank you all so much.

I wish everybody joy and happiness and also delicious fruits and cheeses, and happy animal friends too, oh and spaceships, and strawberry pies, and hot springs, and high speed internets, and also love and good health and monkeys of all shapes and sizes.