Immature Greater Squirrel Cat

This is a portrait I drew of an immature Greater Squirrel Cat that I saw at Koganei Park in Tokyo. The Greater Squirrel Cat is not a native species of Tokyo (although the Common Lesser Squirrel Cat is). I was surprised to see him there.

He was scratching playfully at the bark of a maple tree and his cheeks were full of pudge from the nuts he had tucked away inside.

I didn't want to frighten him away before I could draw his likeness, so I sat very quietly, hidden behind a beer vending machine.
When I finished I stood up, but before I could call out to him, and ask his name and other business, he scurried off at great speed. He glided over the surface of a pond and then waved his bushy tail around till he propelled himself up into the air, towards Tokorozawa.

I ran to the Hana Koganei Station and took a Kyuukoo express train towards HonKawaGoe hoping I might catch sight of him out the window. I thought I saw him as I passed Sayama but when I held up my binoculars I found that it was just a ruddy kingfisher. I rode the train all the way to HonKawaGoe and walked down to the old town street where they sell the famous sweet potato candies. I kept thinking I would find my squirrel Cat, drinking tea and eating bean cakes in one of the touristic tea shops...but I never did see him again.