Bat Cat: Nobody knows who I really am Process review

Everybody knows BatCat. His heroic feats are written about in newspapers, and blogs almost every day. I recently met BatCat at a feline hero support group where I was working as a caterer (mainly providing Ikura Matzoh Brae and Tarako Spaghetti). The above portrait of BatCat comes from a sketch I drew of him during my break.
After a few shots of rye whiskey and a fair amount of cat nips, BatCat opened up to me and told me his real identity. I promised not to reveal his actual name so I can only write it like this "J**** Th* C*t" (Asterix used to protect BatCat).

He gets invited to fabulous parties and red carpet movie premiers as BatCat but J**** Th* C*t has just a few friends and has trouble meeting new cats. "If I'm out as BatCat and I meet a nice cat, I always feel like they'll never know the real me why even bother." Mewed BatCat as he rolled about in a large communal pile of catnip. "But if I go to a party as **** Th* C*t...I feel like nofeline is even interested in meowing with me at all".

I've often longed to be a super hero, but I guess I had never considered it from BatCat's perspective.

I think we all need to put ourselves in the paws of a cat hero sometimes....and understand the sacrifice that so many masked cat heroes make.

Here is the process of making the above BatCat Painting which is Acrylic Ink , Ink Pen and Water Color on Rives BFK paper.

Below is the original sketch.

The next step was to do a color test on white watercolor paper.

Then a full version on white.

Next I tried a color test with orange background.

I decided the body colors seemed too dark and didn't really represent the true bluish color of BatCat's in the final version I did a more realistic blue grey body. I may still add some ground to the final painting as I did in the above. What do you think? Which BatCat do you like best?