No shirt, No shoes, No service cartoon.

I painted this joke the other day. Before posting this I did a search on Google images and it turns out there are lots of people making this joke. There's even a photo from the 1970's that illustrates this joke, and a single panel cartoon that looks almost like mine but with no dialogue. I decided to post it anyway.
I have had a few ideas that I abandoned when I saw something similar or exactly alike while doing a Google search. I once though of making t-shirts that say "I have mixed feelings about New York, but would be designed just like an "I Love New York" shirt. It turned out that someone had done the exact same wording and similar design already.

I was thinking of eating a tuna sandwich for lunch, but I just googled it and found that several people have already done that too.

By the way, Amazon's cyber monday sale is still going on. The new HarperCollins version of book is on pre-order sale for 33% off in the link below. It's hardback with 16 new pages.

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